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August 2010 Transplant Update

August 12, 2010 5 comments

I’ve stopped putting “BK Virus” in my blog post titles, as it’s apparently something that’s not going away soon.  The BK is still in my blood; my level went from 1000 viral copies to 1400, despite the Leflunomide. These levels are still low, but I have to wonder if they are doing any damage to my kidney.  I’ve been off CellCept for a year now, but I’m still on Prograf.

Most of my other labs are good:  Creatinine 1.1 and Prograf level 7.  Interestingly, my Prograf levels have been fluctuating.  The last 5 readings (latest to oldest):  7.0, 6.0, 8.7 (first level after starting the generic Tacrolimus), 7.7, and 9.0.  The target range is 6.0-8.0, so they are still in range.

One lab value that may be concerning is my Protein/Creatinine ratio.  Normal range is 0-0.14.  This month it’s 0.2, on 7/13 it was 0.24 (it went down at least from then), on 4/28 it was 0.1, on 11/10/08 it was 0.11, and on 8/12/08 (3 months post-transplant) it was 0.17.  Not sure what to make of it.  Could it be that my hydration status is not as good, given that it’s so hot out? Is there something going on with the kidney? Is the Prograf damaging the kidney? The BK causing damage?  Hopefully it’s my hydration.  My hydration is good when I get my labs done, as I usually have 45 oz of fluid in each morning before 8am, but my urine has been more concentrated overall this summer.  Have to do a better job keeping up with the fluids. Keith, my PCP, told me it’s probably nothing to worry about, and just to drink more.

I had a problem with my foot again.  We were on vacation 3 weeks ago, and the padding in my orthotic wore down, causing the infamous foot to become irritated and calloused.  It’s just now feeling better, but it was quite painful when it happened.

I never cease to be amazed by some people’s perspective.  I was talking to a person 20 years older than me, who’s only problem is a little bit of osteoporosis.  She is on no meds (other than supplements and vitamins), and yet was complaining about her stomach problems, which apparently are self induced (she eats too much dairy).  She went on and on about how terrible it was.  And yet she doesn’t have heart problems, she’s not on any meds, she’s able to walk without any problems, her kidneys work, etc.  Those of us with kidney problems would only wish to have that as our only hurdle  I’m certainly not one to complain; I deal with what I have, and yet what I have is small, in comparison to the child with cancer, the adult with Lou Gehrig’s disease, the baby born premature who’s lungs and eyes are crappy.  It’s all about perspective, people.