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December 2010 BK update

December 23, 2010 2 comments

I had my labs this week, and although my blood work isn’t yet available to view on MyGeisinger, I received a message that my BK urine PCR is up to 77,500 copies of BK virus from last month’s 41,200 copies.  I’m not too worried about it, as it does sometimes fluctuate, and it’s much better than the >39 million copies when I was first diagnosed with BK. 

My feet are in much better shape than a year ago.  I have the pressure ulcer on my left foot under control, and have a new orthotic on that leg (the other one broke).  I plan on getting a new one for the right as well, as the new one offers better comfort and support.  It’s made of a different material, and is higher up on my lower leg.  It took a few weeks of adjustments and getting used to, but overall it is much better than the one I had. 

I received an email today with a link to a site that looks to be a dialysis activism site.  It contains a link to a database that allows dialysis patients to compare dialysis clinics on 15 key measures, ranging from mortality and hospitalization to transplant rates and infection control. I looked up the dialysis clinic that I went to, and it got very good “grades”. 

Next month I have my quarterly appointments with the Transplant Surgeon and Transplant Nephrologist.  Not much else to report, but when talking about my transplant, boring is good.  Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!