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May 19, 2008 Leave a comment

Along the lines of excellent doctors who care about their patients, here is an entry from after my very first dialysis treatment (which was on a Saturday):

My nephrologist, Dr. H., called the dialysis unit to ask how I was doing, and to let me know he was thinking about me-what a guy!

I was also talking to the nurse from the Nephrology clinic today, and she said that Dr. H felt bad about having to start me on dialysis with how good I still look; it’s a much easier decision when the patient is symptomatic. It’s just that my labs got so much worse, that he couldn’t let it go any longer.  I’m just looking at it as being a temporary situation, until a kidney comes along.

For those who weren’t following my blog back then, I had an episode of extreme flank pain, which was most likely a ruptured cyst, followed by a presumed infection of a kidney cyst (they are very difficult to diagnose; my urine culture was negative, but I had a high fever and chills). My creatinine was around 7.7 and  BUN ~90 prior to this, and they went up to ~12 and 118, hence the dialysis.


Transplant Day 16

May 19, 2008 2 comments

Another rough day stomach-wise yesterday. I started Prilosec on Saturday night, and felt better. I was still ok Sunday morning, but by supper, my stomach didn’t feel right. No vomiting, but it was unsettled. We went out to eat, and all I had was a small salad and bowl of soup (since I didn’t eat much, I figured that my total sodium for the day was still within limits). I felt yucky for most of the night, but held off on taking the Prilosec until 10pm. That way, it would still be working today through at least early evening. I felt much better within an hour.

My total intake yesterday was down for both liquids and solids, but my urine output was still good.  Total ins: 2320 cc; total outs: 3500 cc. Today, my wt is down 2 lbs to 212 (maybe some of the extra fluid is finally coming off), BP 128/70 (MUCH better), and temp 97.0.

Being that I have my appointments today, I had to hold off on taking my evening Prograf until 12:30 this morning; the labs have to be drawn 12 hours after the last dose. Instead of relying on my alarm, I stayed up. I’ll be back on track with my dosing schedule by tomorrow.

The arm pain is better overall, but still occurs mainly at night, when my arm is still. That’s on my list for today to discuss with the doctor.

Yesterday, I forgot my phone when we went to pick Kevin up at Jackie’s parents house (about 1 hour away). When I realized it, I panicked. But then I remembered that I’m not waiting for “the call” from the transplant nurse!

Anyway, I had a voice mail when I got home. It was from our family doctor, to check to see if Jackie and I were doing OK. I called him back, and had a nice conversation; he asked if there was anything I needed. How many people are lucky enough to have a doctor like this?

My WordPress blog surpassed 1000 views yesterday! Not sure where my LiveJournal is at, as they do not offer those stats to bloggers (hence one of the reasons for the move). The 2 things I DO like about LJ over WordPress is that LJ has a friends page that keeps you up to date on their entries, as well as the ability to limit a post to “friends only”, thus keeping it private.

I’ll post either this evening or tomorrow about my appointments today.