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November 2010 BK Virus update

November 17, 2010 2 comments

I had labs last week (my first BK urine in a while, as the last 2 serum tests were negative), and I have 41,200 copies in my urine.  Not bad, considering that I had over 39 million when first diagnosed.

My other labs are great-creatinine of 1.1, BUN normal (it had been in the high 20’s up until the past few months, although BUN isn’t a specifically reliable kidney function indicator) and a stable hemoglobin.

Since I’ve been getting emails and posts here with questions on BK (which I welcome), I’ve decided to start a discussion group on BK Virus at Yahoo.  If you would like to join, the address is

In other non-kidney news, the ongoing saga of my neuropathy continues (Charcot Marie Tooth).  I was working outside, and my left orthotic cracked.  I heavily depend on my orthotics to be able to walk somewhat normally, although I can go without  them (with increased risk of tripping, and my gait is very tentative).  The Orthotist did a temporary repair, and fitted me for a new one.  Although it took a few trip back for adjustments, my new orthotic is great!  He made it so it covers most of my lower left leg, thus giving me more support.  My left orthotic I say is a “Cadillac” while my right now feels like a “Yugo”.  I plan on replacing that sometime next year (they are almost $700, although insurance covers a good chunk of that).  The new one is on the foot that I had a pressure ulcer previously, and the design is much better at relieving the pressure at the pressure point where the ulcer is, and I’m thus taking a lot less Tylenol now, so that’s good.

For my US readers, Happy Thanksgiving!