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Medical Article Scan for August 2008

September 3, 2008 Leave a comment

I know; it’s September. Better late than never…

Anemia of Chronic Disease: An Adaptive Response?  The authors argue that anemia may be beneficial to patients with inflammatory disease, and advocate restraint in treating mild to moderate forms of anemia. This may be proven someday, as they are now finding that too much injected erythropoietin (Procrit, Epogen, etc) can have adverse effects if used to bring hemoglobin up past 12.

CMV Infections Affect More Than Just Patients With Compromised Immune Systems – researchers have discovered that Cytomegalovirus, which is particularly dangerous to those with suppressed immune systems, can also be reactivated in those with normal

Want A Reason To Love Your Lower Belly Fat?….     Fat in the lower abdomen and thighs is rich in adult stem cells.  Maybe they can set up a plan for those having gastric bypass to donate their extra fat after weight loss to cover the cost of cosmetic surgery?

Does Too Much Sun Cause Melanoma? You’ll notice in the past that I’ve had articles on Vitamin D. This article reports that sun can cause the more “benign” skin cancers, but not melanoma, and that we must strike a balance between the need to protect the skin from cancer and the need to get Vitamin D.

Long Term Weight Loss… – study of women which shows that in order to maintain a 10% weight loss, there needed to be 5 days a week of 55 minutes of exercise. On the bright side, small changes throughout the day can be partially substituted, such as moving around more, less TV, etc.

Total Calories More Important Than Dietary Fat In Diabetes Risk – decreased risk of diabetes is linked to weight loss, and not to specific nutrient content. There are other conclusions in this study, such as consumption of soft drinks was associated to unhealthy behaviors and consumption of fruit juices to healthy behaviors “to some extent”.

Stem Cell Scientist Predicts Health Revolution – immature adult stem cells are predicted to be as important a revolution in the 21st century as antibiotics were in the 20th century.

World’s First Transplant of Both Arms – Last month, a surgery team in Germany transplanted bilateral arms onto a 54 year old farmer who lost his in an accident. The 2 things of interest are the actual procedure and what was involved, as well as the hurdles afterwards, such as immunosuppression and the lack of a blood test to catch rejection.

Positive Thinking May Protect Against Breast Cancer – Yet another study affirming feelings of happiness and optimism as providing a “protective role” against disease (in this case, breast cancer).


Medical Article Scan for July 2008

July 27, 2008 Leave a comment

Here is the July edition of my medical article scan. I try to provide a variety of interesting articles. If you see one in the future, you can email me at chronicpositivity at verizon dot net.

Kaiser Permanente Study Finds Keeping a Food Diary Doubles Diet Weight Loss – for those so inclined, here’s evidence of the importance of keeping a food diary.

Irish Coffee Infusion May Boost tPA Efficacy for Stroke – the title is a bit misleading; they don’t actually mean Irish Coffee given IV. The article discusses using an IV infusion of caffeine and alcohol along with tPA (aka ‘clot buster” that started out as a treatment for heart attacks, and is now being used to treat strokes). This treatment may have a protective effect on the brain during/after a stroke.

Positive Thinking is Prescription for the Heart – of course, this study affirms the name of this blog. Optimism is good for the heart (and, I’m sure that it’s equally as effective with other diseases). And this quote is a GEM: “Perhaps we should work on changing behaviors by instilling more confidence in the capacity to prevent having a heart attack, rather than raising fears about having one.

Tattoos Wear Thin For Some Recipients – Women who got tattooed oftentimes sought removal by age 30. Men were less likely to get their’s removed.

Statin Therapy May Boost Survival In Kidney Transplant Recipients – The benefits are related to survival from cardiovascular disease, and do not necessarily affect survival of the graft.

“Snow Flea Antifreeze Protein” Could Help Improve Organ Preservation – a protein found in Canadian Snow Fleas that allow them to survive winter may someday be used to preserve donated organs for transplant.