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BK virus undetectable!

February 1, 2010 2 comments

Good news. The level of BK virus in my blood is finally undetectable!  it’s been since July that the BK was first detected; I’ve been off CellCept the whole time, and only taking Prograf.

My creatinine is still stable at 1.1, and my Immune Cell Function is right in the ideal range at 222.  My Prograf level dropped from 8.6 on 1/6/10 to 6.7 on 1/20/10.  Not sure why that happened, but it’s still in the desired range.  I have labs in another few weeks, and they’ll check for BK in my blood again, as well as my urine.  It usually shows up first in the urine, so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are detectable levels in the urine, but that will hopefully become undetectable soon as well.

The pressure ulcer on my foot is just about healed.  I had my orthotic adjusted, and the Podiatrist debrided the callus on my foot twice, so I think I can hold off on surgery.  I’ll be going to the Podiatrist on a regular basis, so that should help as well.

My sister is now 9 months post transplant, and has been having a rough time lately.  Her GI system is wreaking havoc on her.  She has lost quite a bit of weight since the Fall due to diarrhea and nausea.  She was hospitalized for a few days, had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, as well as a lot of lab work, but they couldn’t find a cause.  2 weeks ago, she developed jaundice.  It turns out that they found the reason for her jaundice (and hopefully the cause of the diarrhea and nausea); she has sludge in her gall bladder that is most likely causing a slowdown or blockage in her bile duct.  They weren’t able to fully visualize what they needed, as the cysts from her kidneys occluded part of the view of her gall bladder.  But the symptoms certainly are consistent with her symptoms, and fits with her history of rapid weight loss (right after the transplant).  Hopefully, another endoscopy (ERCP) will solve the problem; they can clear out the sludge with with this procedure.