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Transplant Day 34

June 6, 2008 6 comments

I just got back from my appointments at Geisinger. I’m now tanked up with Venofer (Iron), and feel like I’m peeing needles after having a cystoscopy to remove my stent. When I had my transplant, they put a green rubber stent between the bladder and kidney, and today it was removed.  It was uncomfortable, but not terrible, but since it’s a potential source of infection, I’m glad to get it out. The Venofer was given via my fistula, so I only had 1 needle stick.

I definitely have to work on increasing my fluid intake this weekend, as it’s already triple H around here (hazy, hot, and humid). 

My weight is down, and my BP is down as well. It’s hitting the 50’s on the bottom, so I’ll have to watch that closely.



Transplant Day 31

June 3, 2008 5 comments

My new kidney continues to work flawlessly. I haven’t been as good as before with fluid intake, but WILL be back on track today.

My weight is unchanged, BP and temp are stable,  but my input and output are less.

I did have 3 episodes of diarrhea yesterday (thank you, CellCept), I continue with intermittent hand tremors, and hardly slept last night (Prograf?). But those are minor annoyances that I can live with.

I have routine lab work tomorrow (“the big 3”-blood count, basic metabolic panel, and Prograf level).

On Friday, I have a Urology appointment to remove the stent between my bladder and new kidney. Prior to that, I have a nurse appointment in Nephrology to get an IV infusion of Venofer (Iron).

Going away for the weekend did all of us a lot of good, but it’s time to get back into my routine. I thought that I would have a hard time being away from work, but I’m actually keeping quite busy. I plan on resuming my weekend job when I return to my full time job, except I’ll probably only work Sundays for August, and in September, go back to Saturday and Sunday.

Transplant Day 21 (3 weeks!)

May 24, 2008 1 comment

Today is my 3 week anniversary of my kidney transplant! It’s hard to believe how much better I feel than compared to the morning of the surgery when I was at dialysis.

I had a good day yesterday. The arm pain for the past 24 hours is practically non-existant.  I did have diarrhea again today, and took 2 Imodium; I hope to soon get that under control. BP good, weight stable, no fever, and a bit more in than out, but factoring in the diarrhea, it’s probably OK. I’ve been drinking well (better than the other day). Appetite fair, but not great (that’s OK, I could stand to lose a few lbs in addition to the fluid weight loss).

The transplant nurse called yesterday; my Prograf level is even higher; 10.3 on Monday, and now it’s 12.7! My creatinine is 1.7, but the increase is probably due to the high Prograf level. I’m cutting my dose to 3mg in am and 2mg in PM. Another concern (of mine) is my blood count. My WBC (white blood cells) is 2.26; this lowering can happen with the meds-I believe the Valcyte and CellCept do that. A count that low increases risk of infection.  Also, I’m more anemic; my hemoglobin is 9.7, and hematocrit is 29.9. Could there be Neupogen (to increase white count) and Procrit (for hemoglobin) in my future?  On dialysis, I was always getting Venofer (IV Iron) infusions. I just sent an email to the Transplant Neph to see if he wants studies checked related to this.

Nutritionally, my magnesium level is still low; 1.2, although I’m cutting my Magnesium to 400 mg twice a day (from 800 twice a day) due to the diarrhea.  I suspect the low level is due to the high Prograf level.  My phosphorous is also low at 1.3. So I started eating cottage cheese, drank chocolate milk, and bought some cocoa roasted almonds (yum). Foods high in phosphorous include Biscuits, Nuts,  Dairy Products, Cola, Chocolate, Beans, Meats, and Liver and Organ meats; I can do all of that except the liver and organ meats.

Hands are shaky; surprise, surprise (high Prograf again).

Not much else going on. It’s a beautiful day out today, so Jackie and I are going to take the dogs for a walk this afternoon. I’m definitely going to walk now every day (I did yesterday and the day before); I feel so much better doing that. And when I go back to work, I will walk at lunchtime. I used to go for a ride at lunch, since I’m deskbound all day, but the walk is better; it’s exercise, and with the price of gas, is a lot cheaper.