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Medical Article Scan June 2008

July 7, 2008 3 comments

Stowers Institute discovers possible cause of polycystic kidney disease – I’ve heard several theories about the cause of PKD, which is currently known as a hereditary disease. One such theory is that it is caused by an infectious disease. Now, a researcher postulates that a gene mutation occurs from being disrupted by Tumor Necrosis Factor, and that Enbrel may be a treatment.

Low Vitamin D, Anemia Linked – more interesting research on Vitamin D. The study compared those with impaired renal function to those with normal renal function, and found that those with impaired renal function and low Vitamin D levels were at a much higher risk for anemia. “Data show that supplementation with 25 (OH) D is associated with reductions in pro-inflammatory cytokines”  It’s also interesting to note that a study of over 16,000 participants (not necessarily renal patients) showed that Vitamin D deficiency was significantly associated with increasing prevalence of CVD (cardio vascular disease) in the entire study population.

10 Surprising Places Where Germs Lurk – I found this article personally interesting, since I am currently immunosupressed.   Of course, some of the places are well known, such as grocery cart handles, gym equipment, and the shower curtain. But did you ever consider your vacuum, the lemon wedge in your drink, or the menu in a restuarant?  (hat tip to WhiteCoat Rants) 

Weight Gain Increases Risks To Kidneys – gaining weight while remaining within normal range increases risk of chronic kidney disease.

Bariatric Surgery May Help Prevent Infections – interesting study. Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass may not only help prevent infections, but also prevent cancer.


Transplant Day 61, Neutropenia

July 3, 2008 2 comments

I’ve been fairly busy this week, with going back to work, finishing some odds and ends, etc., so I haven’t been updating my “Daily Vital Signs” page. I did do that today. My BP has been decent, weight is stable, and no fever. That last one is extremely important, as my blood work yesterday showed Neutropenia (my ANC is 0.88, which would indicate moderate Neutropenia).

I did speak to the Transplant Nurse, and the surgeon is decreasing my Valcyte to 450 mg once a day (it had been twice a day). It will take a little while for my white count to rebound, but if it doesn’t, they will probably start me on Neupogen.

I feel great, except last night, the fact that I’m now back to work full-time apparently caught up to me, because I was asleep by 8pm, and didn’t get up until 6 am today (except for some bathroom breaks).

Another thing I’m not used to is that I make about 4 trips to the bathroom while at work. Of course, I hardly ever used the work bathroom when I was on dialysis.

I can tell a BIG difference in my brain function since returning. I’m no longer “clouded” mentally. Prior to surgery, it was definitely noticeable, and made me frustrated.  Now, I can think so much more clearly.

The “theme of the week” for phone calls seemed to be MRSA, which is Staph bacteria that are resistant to certain medications. I must have had at least 1-2 calls on this each day.  Today, I spoke with the mother of an infant who had a cellulitis and abcess of the buttock from MRSA, and was hospitalized 2 months ago for it. Today, they are out of state, and his leg has a lesion exactly as before, but not yet as bad. So, he earned himself a visit to an out-of-state Emergency Department.

We also had a child admitted to ICU today with a heart rate of 270 and symptomatic. She has SVT. Although we have several admissions to the hospital each week, rarely is it to the PICU. Once they get her heart rate down, I’m sure that she’ll do OK.

I did post on MyKidney about Informed Consent with Transplants. Check it out if you have a minute.

Happy Fourth of July everyone!