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BK Virus Role In Prostate Cancer

September 16, 2012 Leave a comment

A team of Swiss investigators has found a link between the polyomavirus BK and prostate cancer.

It’s an interesting concept. ¬†Viruses are well known to be linked to development of cancers. ¬†For example, those of us who are immunosuppressed, either purposely through medications, as in the case of transplant or to treat autoimmune diseases, or through disease, such as HIV, are more prone to Lymphoma via Epstein Barr Virus (commonly known to cause mononucleosis).

With more research, there may be the impetus to find a treatment for BKV, given the prevalance of prostate cancer.

As kidney transplant patients are now being screened and monitored for BKV, it will be interesting to see if Prostate Cancer affects male kidney recipients moreso than the general population.

Link via ScienceCodex