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I Dodged the Bullet

September 9, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had labs a week ago, a serum BK.  I’ve found in the past when I’ve had  5 digit BK levels in my urine, I would have it in my blood as well.

However, my serum BK was negative!  I had myself all worried about having to go on IV Cidofovir (a nephrotoxic drug), but at this point, I’m not.

I spoke with my Transplant Coordinator Friday, and she told me the good news, and for now, no Cidofovir.  She said it’s not unusual to have a high BK level in the urine, and then for it to be much lower the next time.  So, to the lab tomorrow to have my urine checked again, and hopefully, it will be down.  ‘

I dodged the bullet this time, but IV Cidofovir remains a possibility in the future.

I’ve done some reading, and it’s not known whether the BK comes from the donor, or whether it was in the recipient’s urinary tract.

It’s a virus that usually affects children as a respiratory illness, and my donor was 16 and in a group home.  Maybe she had a respiratory infection before she died? I’ll never know, and it’s academic at this point.

  1. Barb
    September 10, 2012 at 8:29 am

    So happy to hear your good news! I hope the urine test comes out with low numbers, too!
    What a relief at this point in time!

    Does BK show up in regular post-transplant labs?

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