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June 2010 Lab Results

I have most of my labs back from last week, and they’re a bit perplexing.  My past 2 monthly serum BK virus levels were negative, yet last week, I had 1,000 copies of virus in my blood. My urine BK virus levels were only 17,000; when I was first diagnosed with BK Virus, I had over 39 million copies in my urine.  Overall, this is good; I just can’t figure out why it is back in my blood.  The only lab that isn’t back is a drug level for Leflunomide, which I’m taking to inhibit the BK virus.

My other labs were great.  Creatinine 1.1, Prograf level 8.7, Hemglobin 13.6.  Also, my BUN was 15; it has been YEARS since it’s been under 20!

I had a big hassle with my labs this month.  Since I draw my own blood (through my dialysis fistula), the phlebotomist in my clinic processes it as far as ordering it in the lab computer system.  I find out from the Transplant Coordinator (RN) the month before which labs are needed, I tell the phlebotomist the day before, and she places the order, as long as there is an order in my chart for that specific lab.  Apparently, one of the orders expired, and she had to call the Transplant Surgeon’s office to find out if that particular lab was needed.  Unfortunately, she gets this information from the secretary, who looks in my chart, and then passes on which labs are needed.  Well, she got it all screwed up, and sent lab slips over for labs I had in April, which weren’t needed.  It turns out, the labs I told the phlebotomist to order were correct.

I ended up emailing the doctor through internal email (I usually email through my chart, as the health system I work for and am also a patient of has an electronic medical record).  I mentioned the “scare” I had before related to wrong labs being ordered, and told him I wanted to avoid it happening again.

I ended up getting an apology from the Transplant Coordinator (I don’t need an apology; I just need the right labs ordered), and I hope that I won’t go through this again.

Back to the Podiatrist in another 2 weeks, as I think I’m getting another pressure ulcer on the outside of my foot.  It’s manageable now, but I don’t want to let it get out of hand.  The new padding in my orthotic is working great, though; the ulcer would probably be noticeably worse without the padding.

Tomorrow, it’s off to the dentist for a root canal.

That’s all for now.

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