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September Transplant Labs

September 21, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had lab work done last week, but just got the remaining results today.

The level of BK Virus in my blood continues to drop.  It started at 7,260 copies in July, and after stopping CellCept at that point, was 2,257 in August, and this month there are 961 copies.

My cholesterol is 156, but I need to get my HDL up, as it’s low.  My Prograf level is elevated at 9.9.  I’ve asked several nurses and doctors what the level is, and I get different answers.  The doctor told me 6-8, but the nurse today told me 6-9.  I’m going to hold off on more blood work for now, and discuss it with the Transplant Surgeon at my appointment next month.

I had been exercising daily up until my episode of phlebitis in July.  I’ve really cut back since then, hence the low HDL.  I started back up this week by riding my recumbent bike, and then will get back to walking again.

You may have noticed the SiteMeter map on the sidebar.  I get various statistics on visitors (I use the free version), and it’s interesting to see the locations of some of my visitors.  Other countries include (in the last 100 visits) Netherlands, Peru, UK (several different locations), Costa Rica, India, and Jamaica.

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