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Sister’s Transplant Update Week 3

Tonight will be 3 weeks that my sister had her kidney transplant; it’s been a rough time for her.

She still is not drinking well due to nausea, although she is putting out a decent amount of urine.  She was transferred to HealthSouth Rehab Hospital (on the Geisinger campus) on Saturday, and is having physical therapy to help her get up and moving again.  One of the problems is that her feet are still very swollen (although the left foot is less than the right), that she still can’t get her leg orthotic on, and it’s difficult to walk.

Last weekend, they found that she had a kidney infection that went into her bloodstream. It apparently was caught early, as she is only on oral Cipro.

Another issue for her is breathing.  She had fluid in her lungs, and also as an underlying respiratory issue. Her Charcot Marie Tooth, which is a peripheral neuropathy usually affecting the extremities, has affected a central nerve, the phrenic nerve.  This is the nerve which stimulates the diaphragm to get air into the lungs.  So that, coupled with the fluid, as well as anxiety over the breathing difficulty led to even more difficulty, but this has improved over the past few days.  The Pulmonologist was in at her request, and he told her there was nothing that he could do.

Fortunately, the kidney seems to be working well.

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