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Sister’s Transplant Update 5/13/09

My sister is still in the hospital (she’s 2 weeks post-transplant today), and awaiting placement in rehab (physical rehab).  The Rehab Hospital on campus can’t take her, because she needs a private room, so the plan now is a local Rehab/Nursing Home until she is able to walk.  In addition to the weakness brought on by 2 weeks of being in bed, her feet are swollen at least 3 times the normal size, so she can’t get her Orthotic on her foot, and thus can’t walk well.

She’s also not eating and drinking very well, and still has the central line (IJ line) in her neck.  They were going to put a PICC line in, but the nurse didn’t do it, due to it being in a vein that formerly was a fistula site (that didn’t “mature”).  The doctor cleared her for that, so the plan is apparently to remove the IJ line and insert a PICC for intermittent IV fluids, blood draws,  and to give IV Lasix (to get rid of excess fluid).  Her creatinine is still in the 7 range, but the docs apparently are confident that the kidney is working, and just needs to “wake up”.

The chronic constipation that she had (that most, if not ALL dialysis patients have, including me) is now the opposite, thanks to good ole’ CellCept (one of the drugs used to suppress the immune system).  The fluid retention and diarrhea are both things that happened to me, and I assume are normal.

Since she isn’t drinking well, she had a NG tube (Feeding tube) put in from her nose to her stomach, and they are giving her water every 4 hours through it).  I was there to visit today, and she is urinating more than before, so that’s good.

I had my last of 3 weekly labs last week, and just found out the results of my Immune Cell Function; it was 243, which is right where it should be.  They cut my CellCept dose in half when it hit 71 back in April, so that apparently did the trick.

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