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Sister’s Transplant Update 5/9/09

My sister’s new kidney is apparently doing well.  She has a ton of extra fluid “on board” (I had 22 lbs of fluid after my transplant), so she’s having difficulty getting her lower leg orthotic on, and she’s still week.

She rang the call bell Friday night for the nurse to help her to the bathroom.  The nurse wouldn’t listen, and put the slipper socks on her, and of course, she slipped and fell in the bathroom.  She still has the catheter in, but the central IV line in her neck was taken out previously (I thought the Foley was out, but she told me yesterday it wasn’t).  The plan is for her to go to the HealthSouth Rehab Hospital, which is on the same campus as Geisinger.  Hopefully, she’ll be able to bring back some of her leg function (she has Charcot-Marie-Tooth, the same as me, but more severe than mine.

For those who live in Luzerne County, please consider voting for my cousin, Jennifer Rogers. In light of all of the judges who admitted to felonies in that county,  she would not be one to be involved in the Luzerne County tradition of crooked politics.  She is honest and fair, and would be a change from those who are on their way to jail.

We just had work done in our house, and other than some minor touch-ups, it’s completed. We had our bathroom re-done with new tile on the floor and walls, a new tub and surround, fresh paint, a new hand-made cabinet on the way, new baseboard heater, etc.  We also replaced the 8′ x 5′ front picture window with a bay window.  It was messy (demolition of the old tile and cutting of the new tile created a lot of dust), but it was worth it.  Kevin helped Ken (the guy who did the work) put our 40-some year old cast-iron tub in the truck yesterday; all 300-400 lbs of it!

My bronchitis is pretty much resolved, so I’ll finally be able to visit my sister tomorrow.  I’ve been very fortunate the past year since my transplant.  The only semi-serious infection was that over Christmas when I probably had an infected kidney cyst, and rather severe diarrhea.  But there’s far worse out there for someone whose immune system is suppressed, so I’m not complaining….

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