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Sister Transplant Update 5/4/09

My sister’s kidney is still “sleepy”, her urine output is down, and yesterday they gave her a boatload of IV Lasix yesterday (160 mg). I spoke with the nurse, and she told me that the kidney is perfusing well with blood (that’s a good thing), but it just has to kick in to filter the fluids and toxins.

She sounded a little better today.  She was up walking 3 times yesterday, but is weak. The Physical Therapist took her for a walk today, and she apparently will be discharged to the Rehab hospital until she’s able to walk better (her Charcot Marie Tooth causes muscle shrinkage, and I think it may take her a little bit to regain her muscle strength).

She’s still not eating very well, nor drinking, but does have IV fluids running, as she’s still nauseated and doesn’t have an appetite.

BTW, I’m using “she” rather than her name for privacy.

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