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Another false alarm, branching out

My sister got another call for a kidney on Friday. She was third in line for it, but she never heard back from the Transplant Coordinator.  Obviously, someone else got it, but the least the TC could have done was to let her know that. She is getting close, so hopefully the next call will be it. It would be awesome if she could get one  next Sunday, which is the 1st anniversary of my transplant.

Right now, I’m taking a break at work.  I started doing some extra shifts on the inpatient side at the Children’s Hospital.  I’ve decided that I’m a workaholic, and have to stay busy.  I’m learning a lot, a lot is coming back to me, and it’s insurance in case my outpatient job gets cut (no plans on that, but one never knows).  The pay is also quite a bit more than I was making at my agency job, so I work less hours and earn more; not a bad deal.

Jackie is just about done with the Spring semester, and has an A average in both classes.  She remarked that it’s so strange not to have any homework this weekend.

This week, we’re getting our bathroom remodeled. It started with 2 tiles in the shower that came loose, and we got such an awesome price on the whole bathroom, that we’re taking it.

I had my repeat labs last week, and they are stable (not sure if I posted that already).

I also took the Facebook plunge as well, and made contact with several from college that I haven’t seen since the mid-80’s. 

Gotta go now. Soon time for the end-of-the-shift work.

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