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I haven’t been feeling well the past 2 weeks. I was still getting the flank pain, no appetite, some diarrhea, sleeping more, feeling cold (but no chills) alternating with being flushed. Last Monday, I emailed my Transplant Nephrologist (I no longer see my previous Neph), and he told me that since my temp was 100.1 (which, by the way, is NOT a fever), I should go to the Emergency Department. Personally, I felt that his response was total bullshit (pardon the language), and discussed it with my primary doc. I told him my concern that I may have a kidney cyst infection, so he ordered blood work and a urine culture, and prescribed Cipro. The blood work was all fine, except my White Blood Cell count was 6.28 and my segs were down to 31; the previous WBC was 4.39 1 week before, and 4.03 last month, and my segs were running previously around 75-80. Although the WBC is still normal, it is up from previous lab draws, but the segs are low.

I felt better last week, although not 100%. But over the weekend, I started going a little downhill again, and developed abdominal pain and diarrhea (I had diarrhea for about a week, but took Immodium; the Transplant Coordinator told me to take it whenever I got diarrhea, to avoid dehydration). When the abdominal pain started, I stopped the Immodium, and the diarrhea started. Last night, I slept for about 90 minutes in the evening after working a 10 hour shift, and getting up at 4:30 to go to work. While I was sleeping, I developed chills.

The pain is in my right lower quadrant (I have my appendix out), and comes and goes. It feels like a gas pain. I also had some more flank pain today as well, but that only lasted about a minute. When I went to work, I asked my doctor to see me, so I had an appointment with him. My abdominal exam wasn’t bad; he feels I have a gastroenteritis. He ordered blood work, urine culture and u/a, and stool cultures, abdominal ultrasound, and signed me off work until Wednesday. Of course, Jackie thought I was going to be admitted to the hospital (in her defense, I haven’t eaten much lately, and have lost 8 lbs since last month), but Dr. G. wasn’t concerned that it was anything serious. The possibilities with the diarrhea include a viral gastroenteritis (lots of that going around), C. Diff (from the Cipro), or a side effect of my CellCept (immune suppressant).

I’ll post back when I get my labs and more answers. Back to bed now….

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