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7 months and it’s smooth sailing

Well, it’s now 7 months ago today that I got my new kidney, and I’m peeing up a storm!

The ONLY downside at this point (and one  I’m more than willing to live with as compared to dialysis) is that my appetite is better, which resulted in weight gain. I’m stable with my weight, as I continue to walk every day at lunch, and my clothes are only 1 size larger…

However, the numerous upsides far outweigh the downsides. The biggest difference I notice is mental clarity. My brain actually works once again. Prior to dialysis, and even when I was ON dialysis, my mental function was noticeably different. I wasn’t able to think as clearly, multi-tasking was difficult, etc. I also was very tired all of the time.

I have my monthly appointment next Wednesday with the Transplant Surgeon and Nephrologist. I can’t wait to see if my hemoglobin is high enough to get rid of the weekly Procrit shots.

Kevin started his new job last night at McDonald’s, and actually liked it. I think that had a lot to do with the fact that he finally has a job. This week, he’s working 5 nights through Sunday, for a total of 25 hours. One of the girls who started with him last night was already fired, after she started arguing with the manager. Duh….

I got Kevin’s new computer up and running. Not bad for $600, although had I waited another week to order it, it would have been cheaper. This is only my 2nd-ever computer build (the last one being 5 years ago). For those interested in the details:

Raidmax Sagitta 2 Mid-tower ATX Case, Biostar Motherboard, CoolerMaster 550w Power Supply, AMD Dual-core CPU, OCZ Fatal1ty RAM (8 GB) , Western Digital Caviar Black 500GB Hard Drive, LG DVD Burner, and Windows Vista 64 bit Operating System.

It runs great, but I didn’t really “take it for a test drive yet”, nor hook it up to the internet; I just installed Windows and put it away until Christmas.

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