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Vacation Week

November 30, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

For my US readers, a belated Happy Thanksgiving.

I had the week off from my full-time job, but was very busy. I had a dentist appointment for a routine cleaning on Monday, I took our 12 year old Springer Spaniel to the vet on Tuesday for her Rabies vaccine, I took Kevin to his yearly check up on Wednesday, chauffered Kevin around in the afternoons…

I also took our 2003 Chevy Malibu to get a new intake manifold gasket on Tuesday. I knew that when the garage called at 11am, the news probably wasn’t good. The bolts holding the rocker arms were shearing off, and the heads needed to be remachined (does that mean anything to you? it only means $$$ to me). Soooo, I had to rent a car for the week (got a good deal from Enterprise), and hopefully, the work will be done by Tuesday. I’m thinking that this will be the last GM car we get, at least the last one with a 3.1 liter engine. GM was well aware of the issues with that, but continued putting in inferior intake manifold gaskets, as well as using the Dexcool that ruined them.

My sister didn’t get the kidney on Tuesday; she didn’t cross match with the donor. The odd thing is that the Transplant Coordinator asked if she had any blood transfusions lately, as she had antibodies (which she apparently didn’t have before).

I had a white knuckle drive to work this morning; snow on Interstate 80, followed by freezing rain over Washingtonville Mountain/PA 54 (“Warshingtonville” as pronounced by the locals). No Amish buggies this morning, but they apparently already were out before me, judging by the numerous patches of horse manure in my lane.

Medically, I went off my Prilosec for the first time since May. I had never taken it prior to transplant, and want to see if I still need it. I initially was on Pepcid in the hospital, went off of it shortly after coming home, had stomach upset, and then went on Prilosec. I notice that I do have more difficulty tolerating certain foods, in that I can’t eat as much, but that’s a GOOD thing. So, I’ll see how it goes.

We didn’t do the Black Friday doorbusters this year, however, we did get 1 good deal. I need a replacement for my Ipod Nano. Nothing fancy, since I only use it on walks, and don’t use it for video or pics. I’ve been looking at a Samsung 4gb MP3 player. It’s a model that I think just came out, and was $99.99 over the summer. Wal Mart in store has it locally for $79.99, and $69.99 online. I saw that Circuit City had it Friday for $59.99, so I ordered it for instore pickup. When I got to the store, they had it for $79.99, so I saved $20 just by ordering online.  I notice today that Wal Mart lowered it another $5, and has it on clearance.  since it’s a Christmas gift from Jackie and Kevin, I won’t open it until Christmas, so I won’t know how good it is until then. I’ve always had good luck with Samsung, so it should be fine.

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