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Call for a kidney

November 25, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

My sister called me today while I was in the dentist’s chair; she got a call for a possible kidney. When I called her back, she was on her way to the hospital to get her blood work done to match antibodies (HLA typing); the doofuses (sp?) at her dialysis unit didn’t draw it this month as they were supposed to. Now, after it’s drawn, a taxi has to take it 90 minutes from Geisinger, to the lab at Hershey in order for it to be run.

As you may know, she has been on dialysis for a while now (I think it’s almost 4 years now), but was listed for transplant after me.  Also, her blood type is O negative, and mine is A negative (O is usually a longer wait for an organ).

The downside to this call is that she’s 5th in line (making it less likely for her to get it, although not impossible), and the circumstances: the donor is a 50 year old with substance abuse history (alcohol and cocaine) who shot himself.

The upside is that she is getting calls now (IIRC, this is her 2nd).

She is concerned that if she IS offered the kidney, that it may have damage from the donor’s lifestyle (substance abuse). Rest assured, the surgeons would not even consider putting one in that was less-than-optimal; she is listed at the same transplant center as I got mine-Geisinger Medical Center.

In other news, our son had a job interview today and now has a job. Yes, he will be cooking hamburgers at the McDonald’s that is located 4 blocks from our house.

He was very excited, as it’s difficult to get a job these days as a teen, at least a job that is within our town, as well as the fact that he won’t have to ask us for money (his words). The manager chose him over the kid interviewed after Kevin, who was wearing jeans and a “gangsta” sweatwshirt (Kevin wore Dockers and a nice shirt).

Ironically, I also worked at McDonald’s when I was the same age (I had “pull” in getting my job, as my uncle was a vice president for McDonald’s at their Oak Brook HQ, and knew the local owners). Now, Kevin can learn firsthand about income redistribution.

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