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Chester 199?-2008

It’s a sad day in our house today, as we will be going to the Veteranarian’s office today to say goodbye to our Sheltie, Chester.

We adopted/”rescued” Chester in September 2006  from a family I work for on the weekend.  Several of us were worried that “Chet” would meet an untimely demise in a nearby field (it’s common amongst farmers around here to kill a dog when they are no longer useful), so when I heard that they were getting rid of him, I snatched him right up.  We never knew how old he was, but probably is somewhere between 14-16 years old.

Chet was one of the best dogs we ever had. He was very overweight (38 lbs last year, but down to 28 this past week), had arthritis and an unknown skin condition (Dermatomyositis would be my guess, as it’s common with Shelties), but despite his health issues, he thrived since coming to live with us.

Chet was loyal to me, although he loved Jackie and Kevin as well. He would know when it was time for me to come home from work, and Jackie said he would wait by the door to the garage everyday to greet me. Wherever I went in the house, he went, even over the past few weeks when he wasn’t feeling so well. For instance, whenever I was on the computer, he would lie right in the doorway. If someone dared to come in, the would get a friendly nip on their feet or ankles.

He also liked to play, in his own certain way.  If Digger (our Golden Doodle who TOWERED above Chet) was running around in the living room with a toy, sometimes Chet would go after him and bite his ankles. We initially thought this was aggression, but quickly figured out it was his way of playing. If you threw a towel at him, he would get it in his mouth, and vigorously shake it side to side, drop it, and bark until you picked it up and threw it back at him. 

As I mentioned previously, Chet hasn’t been doing well for the past few weeks. He started with a decreased appetite, then no appetite, then he stopped drinking. Normally, the dog food dishes would empty out by the time we got home from work, so when we noticed over the past few weeks that they were not being emptied, we know something was wrong. Chet had a unique way of eating. He would lay down in front of the dog food dish,  with his front paws on either side, and then chow down.

We took him to the vet on Friday, and has been there since, getting IV fluids. Today, he could hardly walk, and an ultrasound of the abdomen found a mass. It was pressing against his kidney, but they weren’t able to determine if it had originated in his liver, spleen, etc.

We’ll be going after work today to see him for one last time….

Chester  199?-2008

Chester 199?-2008

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  1. pstarr999
    November 3, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    I’m sorry to hear that news. RIP Chester.

  2. kandylini
    November 3, 2008 at 3:15 pm

    How sad! I’m so sorry to read about this.

  3. November 3, 2008 at 8:43 pm

    Thanks Paul and Kandylini. It was his time, but he was a great dog, and we’ll all miss him.

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