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6 month kidney-versary

Another milestone reached-I made it 6 months post transplant without any major problems! The reason this is a milestone is that my immunosuppression will be lowered, and thus a lower risk of opportunistic infection.

I was thinking about how things have changed since before my surgery.

  • it now only takes me less than 5 minutes when I have to pee, several times a day, versus 5 hours 3 times a week at dialysis
  • I now have ENERGY to do things I need and want to do
  • my brain works once again
  • no more Restless Leg Syndrome (for the most part)
  • neuropathic pain in my hands and feet (tingling, burning) MUCH better
  • I have an appetite
  • I can eat nuts
  • no more Phos-Lo
  • minimal problem with constipation
  • no more blood pressure meds

I’m sure I can come up with other improvements, but you get the jist.  

Life is good…..



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