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Sunday Stuff

Today, we “fell back” with our clocks, and turned them back 1 hour. Being that I worked today, and depend on my cell phone for an alarm, I was very disappointed (actually, quite pissed off), that Verizon Wireless still, as of 1:15 pm EST, has not fixed the problem. Jackie’s phone and the phone of the mother who’s house I work at both are having the same problem, yet the father, sister, and other nurse I work with aren’t.

Today I hit a lot of traffic on the way to work; I got stuck behind 3 Amish buggies. Usually, they travel the opposite direction when I’m driving in, but today, church services must have been at a nearby house. It’s very dangerous for these buggies on a hilly highway. Just 2 or 3 years ago, there was a buggy that had just driven over the crest of a hill, and a car slammed into them from behind, killing some people. It’s ever worse in the fog.

Chester, our elderly Sheltie, is in the “hospital”. His appetite has been poor over the last week or so, and he hasn’t even been drinking much. Friday morning, he was having breathing difficulty, but his nostrils were caked shut with dried mucous. He ended up staying over at the Vet’s, had blood work and a chest x-ray (which didn’t show much other than dehydration), and has been getting IV fluids. He still isn’t eating today, so she decided to keep him until tomorrow.

And now, for some entertainment, here’s some awesome juggling (I’m not sure why the first frame is a kitten/frog; it has nothing to do with the video):

  1. pstarr999
    November 3, 2008 at 9:01 am

    I hope Chester is feeling better.

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