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It’s been awhile…

Time flies when you work 7 days a week! I’m not complaining; in fact, I’m GLAD that I’m physically able to do it. What a difference a few months make. Back in April, I was still working full-time, and doing 12 hours a week of dialysis on top of that, but I either slept or rested every chance I got.  Now, I sleep about 5-6 hours a night, don’t take any naps, and still am ready to go!

I’m closing in on the 6 month post-transplant mark now, which means less immunosuppression, and thus, less meds. I had labs 2 weeks in a row now due to decreasing my Prograf, and everything looks good (I hope to get a copy of today’s labs so that I can post them tomorrow). Today, my creatinine is 1.3 (I was lazy with fluid intake, so it’s up a bit, but not at all worrisome; you can tell my hydration isn’t the greatest by the BUN being a little elevated as well). The good news is my hemoglobin FINALLY hit 12 today; the highest it’s been since before my transplant in May. Maybe no more Procrit soon?

I often wonder what the status is of my “native” kidneys. When my mother had hers removed in preparation for a transplant, hers were practically nonexistant, as she had been on dialysis for 3 years at that point (the only reasons they remove them now is for infection, excessive pain, to make room for a transplant, and a handful of other reasons). I get a reminder a few days a week that they are still there, when a get twinges of pain. The pain is sharp for a brief 1-2 seconds, and then goes away.

I’m still walking at least 4 times a week on my lunch break, and feel better doing so. This has created some issues with my feet (worsened calluses), but maybe I’ll get to the Podiatrist to see if he can do anything to help.

Today, Digger was very proud. He killed his first rabbit, and was feasting on it in our back yard (he’s our 3 year old GoldenDoodle).  He also pranced around the yard with it in his mouth, with his head held high, and his tail up in the air. I didn’t yell at him, because it’s natural instinct for him. The way I look at it is that if the rabbits dig holes under our fence, and are stupid enough to come into a yard with 3 dogs, that’s the chance they take.

I’ve been working in the clinic now for over 14 years, yet there is always something new that presents itself. I get to see first hand, the entitlement attitude of some people, but this week beats them all. In another department on the same floor I work on, a lady of about 46 called to ask the doctor to write a letter. You see, she’s healthy, except for the chronic back pain she has, for which she gets LOTS of Percocet (well over 100 tabs per month). She is on a Medicaid managed care plan, and told the person answering in our clinic that she called her “insurance company”, and was told that if she got a letter from the doctor, she may be able to get reimbursement from Medicaid for the costs incurred with her horses (yes, that’s plural). You see, she rides her horses as therapy for her back pain, so this is actually a medical expense. I was a little confused, because the LAST thing I would do is to ride a horse if I had chronic severe back pain. But for me, it’s a moot point, because I’m too busy with work and other responsiblities to have TIME to ride a horse. If your not miffed with this, then I guess it wouldn’t bother you much if you found out that this same Medicaid company also pays for tubal ligations to be reversed. Our tax dollars at work (although I don’t have any problem with Medicaid providing insurance to those who truly need it, and can’t afford it).

I’ll be glad when the election is over. Here in Northeastern PA, we are being BOMBARDED with political ads. Although the polls don’t show it, Pennsylvania is still very much in play for the Presidential election (a poll of registered voters is much less accurate than a poll of likely voters, and there are MANY other factors which can make a poll inaccurate).  In addition, our Congressman was in the thick of things with the Fannie Mae/Subprime mess, and for the first time since winning 24 years ago, it is likely that he will lose his seat.  Less than 2 weeks to go, and that’s a good thing….

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