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Monthly Transplant Surgery Appointment, Labs

I had my monthly appointment with the Transplant Surgeon today; the Transplant Nephrologist didn’t have any openings, so I’ll see him next month.

I don’t have my labs to post, but did see them. My creatinine is still at 1.2, and my hemoglobin is 11.5. I’m still on Procrit, and checked via email with the Nephrologist; he will stop it when my hemoglobin hits 12.5. My WBC is still good; IIRC, it’s 3.4. I thought it might go lower since doubling the Valcyte, but it didn’t drop too much. The surgeon feels at this point that the hardened area at my incision site is some scar tissue, and that the hematoma is resolved. He was very pleased with my progress, and I can now have my labs done monthly (I had been doing them bi-weekly). Yeah!

The Transplant Department ordered a wrong lab AGAIN; they ordered a CMV DNA Qualitative (positive or negative), instead of the Quantitative (which gives an actual number). This is the second time this has happened, and I believe it was the secretary who made the error. It happened last month as well, and caused a lot of problems; more about that in a future post.

I’ve been walking now on a regular basis, now that I have my AFO’s adjusted, and feel a lot better. I walk every day at work, Monday to Friday, for about 30 minutes, with half of it up hill. I’ve noticed that if I play my Ipod while walking, I walk faster, and get my heart rate up more.

BP is running in the 120’s/70’s, and the surgeon was thrilled with that. Quite amazing, since I had been on blood pressure meds for well over 15 years, and now, I don’t need any. I’m making an effort to increase my protein intake, since with the gastric bypass, I tend not to get enough in. I’ve been snacking on soy nuts (it’s an acquired taste, especially since they are unsalted), and found an absolutely delicious yogurt that I eat each morning-it has 16 grams of protein and 140 calories per serving!

A friend at work is having a colonoscopy tomorrow, so I sent him a link to this video to help him through it.

And for those who need a little humor, whether you are liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican (or even Libertarian), you need to watch this.

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