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Medical Article Scan September 2008

MMR Vaccine Not Linked to Autism yet ANOTHER study disproving the link, although as this article points out, Although true believers in the theory of a relationship between MMR vaccine and autism will probably not be dissuaded…

Chronic Kidney Disease Heightens Medical-Error Risk this is a study of 250,000 patients in Veteran’s  Hospitals. Key points: the increased risk was linearly related to the severity of kidney disease, The researchers looked for records of 18 complications that are potentially preventable, and their data don’t distinguish between events caused by healthcare and those related to the underlying kidney disease.

Mother’s Flu Shot Protects Newborns when I first started out as a RN in Peds 19+ years ago, influenza was not really considered in infants that were symptomatic. In fact, flu shots were only given to those at “high risk”, such as those with chronic illnesses. Now, the flu vaccine is recommended for ALL patients in our practice up to 18 years of age. This study has concluded that pregnant mothers who get vaccinated while pregnant can pass on protection to their child prior to delivery.

Living Donor Liver Transplants May Drastically Decrease Mortality From Liver Failure Acute Liver Failure (quick onset as opposed to chronic liver failure, which is gradual) may be able to be treated with living donor donation for transplant. I’ve always said that I’m lucky; if I didn’t get a kidney, I could do dialysis; if I needed a liver and didn’t get it, I would die. I hope this pans out.

High Blood Pressure Takes Big Toll On Small Filtering Units Of The Kidney  Although this isn’t exactly previously unknown, scientists are getting closer to figuring out how the glomeruli are affected by hypertension. If you have high blood pressure, this underscores how important it is to get it treated effectively.

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