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Kevin and Corbett

September 23, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments

I had a surprise today when I was reading an online column by a local talk radio host. I started reading Small Towns Can Create Big Minds, and soon realized that it sounded VERY familiar. In fact, the teenager mentioned in it was our son Kevin.

The radio host who wrote the column, Corbett (who is also a newspaper journalist),  is a self-proclaimed “left wing radical” and “feminist” who has worked in various areas of the country. For those who know me, you are probably VERY surprised that I would listen to a “left winger”, but I DO like to get opposing viewpoints, and I actually have some common philosophies with Corbett (we both believe that government corruption is ruining this country, and needs to be reined in); I also appreciate the fact that he respects differing viewpoints, and is fairly open minded as well.

I listen to Corbett every day on my way home from work, and got Kevin listening to him as well (although since school started, he hasn’t been listening as much). For those who want to hear a sample, his show is broadcast daily on the Net between 3-7 pm. He also writes frequent columns that can be read here. Lately, local Obama supporters are in an uproar, since Corbett is a Hillary supporter, recently quit the Democrat party and registered Independent, and has been pointing out a lot of Barry’s inadequacies (and those of McCain’s as well).

Apparently, Kevin sent him an email, and it was the topic of his column of September 12 at the link above. Kevin was very excited that he was the topic of a column, as well as the fact that his views had an impact on someone that it would spur them to write about it.

Corbett actually did a one-on-one interview with John McCain yesterday when he was in Scranton. The volume isn’t good, so you might have to turn up your speaker volume. Corbett did mention today that McCain looked healthy in person, despite how the media and other side spins it.

Finally, for those of you reading this that are familiar with “da valley“, check out Let’s Name The Baby Kielbasa (and click the audio link at the bottom to hear Corbett sing).

  1. pstarr999
    September 24, 2008 at 1:40 pm

    Pretty cool – Kevin must have been excited that the response to his e-mail came in the form of a column.

  2. September 24, 2008 at 4:49 pm

    He was. Did you listen to the Kielbasa song? VINTAGE valley…

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