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Transplant Month 4, First Post-Transplant Infection

September 16, 2008 Leave a comment Go to comments
Another month down, and less than 2 months away from the end of maximum immunosuppression. 
Last week, I developed my first post-transplant infection. Not to worry, as it was just a simple, uncomplicated cold. I started out with a severe sore throat, and the next day, began with nasal congestion. No fever (thankfully), and at this point, about 5 days into the cold, I have an occasional cough, and copious nasal secretions.
My labs were done last week, and they are all very good. My Hemoglobin is stable at 11.4, my Iron and Transferrin Saturation are normal as well (labs for Procrit), Creatinine at 1.3 (up from 1.2, but I’m sure that minor fluctuations like this are normal, and I’m not at all concerned), and my Prograf level is 8. I was a little ticked off at the phlebotomist who gave me the tubes to draw my blood. I drew them all, sent them to the lab, and about an hour later, the phlebotomist came over to my desk to tell me that she missed a tube. SO, I had to stick my fistula AGAIN, to draw my Immune Cell Function.

I also had my annual physical with my Primary doc. He was thrilled with how well I am doing.  The only thing I discussed as a concern was that I continue to have poor sleep. It’s been going on since my kidney’s began failing, and is persisting. I usually go to be at 11, and like clockwork, wake up at 12:15 am. I told him that I wasn’t interested in Ambien, Lunesta, etc, as it seems to me that people who take these oftentimes get back into the same problems as the med becomes less effective. He offered Restoril, and I was ok with that, but specifically asked for Trazadone. In higher doses (150 mg), it’s used as an anti-depressant (which I certainly don’t need), but in lower doses (50 mg), it’s used as a sleep med. I started it over the weekend, and so far, my sleep is much improved.

I was hoping to be off Procrit by now, but my Hemoglobin has leveled out at 11.4. I’m still hoping to be taken off of it by next month; time will tell.

We’ve seen a 20 cent increase in gas since last week. Our region is supplied with gas via the Colonial Pipeline, so supplies to the East Coast were disrupted.  I’ve since heard that there wasn’t much damage to it, so I wonder when the prices will come down, especially since crude oil is currently trading at under $91 per barrel.  

A lot of people are worried about the current financial crisis (AIG, Lehman Brothers, the drop in the Dow…), but as Warren Buffett says, We simply attempt to be fearful when others are greedy and to be greedy only when others are fearful.” I only hope that the government taxpayers aren’t forced to foot the bill for these failing companies. The market will be unstable for a time, but everything will eventually work itself out.






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