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The weekend is almost over; it sure went quick.

We spent yesterday afternoon at Jackie’s sister’s house, having a belated birthday party for my father-in-law. They were on vacation in Florida for his birthday, so that’s why we had it this weekend. We also celebrated her Rottweiler’s birthday, which was yesterday. Since Patti is no longer married, and has no kids, her Rottie (the most gentle dog I’ve ever met) is her child. She had a special birthday cake that is made for dogs (peanut butter and banana, without all the sugar). Everyone except Ed (my father in law) and myself went swimming. It was only in the mid 70’s, so that wasn’t hot enough for me to go in the water.

Jackie and I went to restaurant in my old home-town for supper. They have awesome cheesesteaks, so I had one. Of course, it wasn’t without incident (again). The girl got 2 lids out for the drinks, and of course, she put mine down on the counter (the same counter people lean on, put money on, etc). I asked for a clean one, explaining my situation, and the girl got pissy. So, I just took one without the lid. Had I been alone, I would have gotten my money back and walked out, but I saw her dispense the soda, and was sure that there wasn’t any problem.

I worked a 10 hour shift today, and had to get up at 5am. It’s easy work, but 10 hours is a long day. It was a 4 buggy Sunday today; 3 with enclosed cabs, and 1 open wagon.

My employer has been working for several years on building up to receive “Magnet” status with our nursing department. I’d first like to say that most, if not all credentialing agencies and processes are BS (can you say “JCAHO“?). It’s a big game; the place seeking the credentials has everyone on their “best behavior”, has everything done the way the credentialing agency wants it to be, and once they are gone, everything is back to normal. Healthcare isn’t the only area this is done; I’ve worked for numerous places in high school and college, and it’s done in every industry. Anyway, my employer was seeking this at our campus, and bent over backwards to see that it was successful. They even had scrub tops with our name embroidered on them, and gave them out to all of the nurses on campus. Well, they got orders from every department on campus except for ours. When someone said something, they scurried to get some for us, and we got the leftovers. Fortunately, they had my size, but for the women, they ended up with tops that several had to alter in order for them to not be too big. It’s nothing new, as we are consistently “forgotten”, yet the clinic upstairs is included in everything. I’ve been in the field long enough to not let it bother me, but I keep it stored for later use; there will be a time when our system’s director of nursing will talk to me, and I will let her know.

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