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Transplant Month 3

Just about 3 calendar months since my transplant. This week I did have 2 transplant related “highlights”.

On Tuesday, I restarted Procrit. It’s been 3 months since I’ve had any, and my hemoglobin has never gotten up to 10 since my surgery. In fact, my last dose was the day of the surgery, at dialysis. I’m on 10,000 units/week, and will get baseline labs checked this week (Peripheral Smear, Total Iron Binding Capacity, CBC, and Ferritin). 

On Thursday, I had my first Dermatology appointment for a skin screening. I saw a resident, and was pleased with the visit. I have some “atypical” moles on my back that will have to be watched (although my Family Practice doc has been doing that for several years now). The staff doctor who was supervising told me that with these types of moles, there is a propensity to Melanoma. He explained it as those with these types of growths have a higher incidence, but not a HIGH incidence. He also told me to wear sunscreen 370 days out of the year, and that I should apply it with the regularity of applying my deodorant. That will take some getting used to (the sunscreen, not the deodorant). I also had a “suspicious” mole removed from where the top of the thigh meets the buttock. I didn’t even know when she took it off, but it hurt for about 2 days after. She’ll call me in a week when she gets the results back. 

I’ve been exercising on a regular basis, and I can feel the difference. I walk for 20-25 minutes/day, with the beginning of the walk up a fairly good sized uphill grade (for those who are familiar with our campus, it’s from Knapper Clinic, past the HealthSouth Rehab Hospital, and to Red Lane).  I also started doing my recumbent bike today. I’m starting out at 6 minutes per day, and will increase to 25-30 minutes per day. With the 6 minutes, I felt the burn in muscles in the sides of my calves, telling me that these are muscles I’m not used to using, hence the low amount of time starting off.

I’m started back to my weekend job today. I work for a private agency (Bayada Nurses) in a home with 2 children with multiple medical needs (feeding tube, tracheostomy, CPAP (for lack of a better explanation, it’s a partial ventilator).

The superintendant from the school district that got rid of Jackie in a rather sneaky manner never called her back. I’m curious why he keeps calling her; I think she’ll be much better off in her new job, though. Also, she was to have a meeting with someone from the Education Dept at Bloomsburg University, to discuss going back for Special Ed certification. She’ll have to look into different options. Bloomsburg has a fast track certification for those with a M.S. Ed in another area, but this leads to another M.S. degree. Wilkes has a program that just offers certification. Even though Wilkes is more $ per credit, she may end up taking less credits there. Since she has her M.S. already, it’s not all that important to get another one.

Speaking of Jackie, she hit her head on the trunk of the car Thursday. Yesterday, she started with dizziness. I thought she’d end up in the ED to get a CT scan, but she then started with a sore throat. Most likely a viral illness; we’ve had several in to our clinic with similar symptoms.

Gotta get back to work; break over.

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