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Transplant Week 12

Yes, it’s been 12 weeks since my kidney transplant, and things are going rather smoothly.

I did find out my Prograf level (FK-506), and it is going up. This week, it’s 10.6, but the nurse said that she would call if there were any changes, so I assume I’m to stay on the same dose.

I got a call from the nurse at VITALine today. This is the agency which will be dispensing and managing my Procrit. Initially, she said that they weren’t going to seek an authorization from the insurance company, because my kidney function is above 60% (when my lab measures kidney function, aka “GFR”, they only quantify anything below 60%; if it’s higher, they list it as >60). In other words, “we don’t think you qualify and/or need it”. But she contacted the Nephrologist that is involved in managing the program (who also happens to be my sister’s Nephrologist), and he told her that I need it. Let’s see; my hemoglobin has not gone above 10 since my transplant, and it’s NEVER been this low in my entire life. And they weren’t going to apply for an authorization? Anyway, I’m chronically anemic since my transplant, and a little boost with a few weeks of Procrit will most likely give me the bump I need to get closer to a normal hemoglobin.

I’ll find out Monday if it is approved. I’m assuming it is, because I had a message from the insurance company pharmacy on my answering machine to call on Monday. If approved, it will be delivered on Tuesday to where I work. I’ll start out on 10,000 units a week, and dose adjustments will be based on my labs. I’m not sure how much it will cost me, but previously, I got a 2 week supply for a $20 copay, so that’s not too bad.

I have been going for a walk on a consistent basis at work. I use my lunch hour, and take a 20-25 minute walk around campus. I pick a hilly route, so that I do get my heart rate up (although the fast heart rate can also be due to the low hemoglobin). I feel better, and with sitting all day at work, it helps to get the exercise mid-day. I hope to increase my speed over the weeks, so that I cover more ground in the same amount of time.

On Tuesday, my blog reached 5000 hits since I started it in April.

Jackie goes for a pedicure on a regular basis (not sure, but I think it’s once a month). Since gas prices are so high, I found a cheaper alternative, and I’ll be going out tomorrow to buy the necessary supplies. 🙂

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