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Verizon Upgrade

We’ve had Verizon DSL since March 2003. At the time, they offered 1 speed package: 768 kbps down/133 kbps up, which was blazing fast compared to our previous dialup connection. We’ve been happy with the service, as we RARELY had any downtime; our connection was there when we needed it. 

At the time we got it, I remember Verizon having a link on their website to check the distance of the CO (central office). For DSL, this is the number which not only decides whether you can have access to DSL, but also, as I’ve read, will decide on whether you can get a speed upgrade.

My sister got DSL last year, and at the time, they were offering a “starter” package and a “power” package. I didn’t call about it, because my house was 15,000 line feet from the CO at the time we started, and I figured that we couldn’t upgrade. But this week, I decided to call.

When my call was connected to Bangladesh (I have nothing at all against India; but I sometimes have a hard time communicating/understanding when sent to call centers there), I spoke with a very nice rep. He reviewed my account. I was paying $38 and change monthly for my current DSL. He said that I could get the power package for $31.99/month with a 1 year committment, and then $31.99/month after that.

I didn’t give him hell for the fact that I had been paying MORE for LESS and was never told that I could upgrade; after all, it wasn’t his fault (I know, unusual for me). I just told him to sign me up.

Within 12 hours, I had the upgrade. I checked the download speed, and although it’s not close to 3 mbps (it’s 1.5 mbps), it’s still twice as fast for $6 less/month, so I’ll take it.  My guess is that I won’t be able to reach 3.0 mbps, but that’s OK.

If they didn’t offer an upgrade, I most likely would have switched to cable. However, I would then have to switch email accounts, and I like the fact that I have an upgrade to Flickr Pro through Verizon Yahoo, as well as my Verizon email through Yahoo’s portal.

Here are my download speeds before and after the upgrade. Notice that after the upgrade, my FireFox download speed is faster than SlimBrowser (which is a slimmed down version of IE).

Before the upgrade (SlimBrowser)

After the upgrade:



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