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Transplant Week 10

Although I went back to work the week before last, this week was my first full 5 day week since before my transplant. Actually, it was my first full 5 day-in-a-row work week since last August. When I was on dialysis, I worked 8 hours on M-W-F, and 4 hours on T-Th (dialysis days). However, I still got in 40 hours, because I also worked 8 hours every Sunday at my weekend job.

Both last night and this morning, I was wiped out. I was in bed by 11 last night, and took a 2 hour nap early this afternoon, and I feel much better. I don’t think it’s indicating anything bad, as I don’t have a fever or any other potentially ominous symptom; I think it’s just that I’m adjusting to getting back into “the routine”.

I did get letters from one of the Transplant Surgeon’s exempting me from my PPD. That’s the test where they inject a tiny amount of “Purified Protein Derivative” under the skin. If you react, then you may have either latent or active Tuberculosis. In both my full time and weekend jobs, it’s required yearly, but since my immune system is suppressed, I wouldn’t react even if I did have TB. However, I had a chest x-ray in April and May, and there was signs of TB, so I’m not worried. I also got a letter releasing me to go back to work at my weekend job in August. He initially put on that I had a 10 lb lifting limit, which wouldn’t fly with the agency, but I spoke to the nurse, and they decided that at that point it would be 3 months since surgery, he lifted the restriction (3 months is the typical amount of time for that restriction). Even if I did have that, the only heavy lifting is when I transfer the patient from bed to chair, and I use a hydraulic Hoyer lift for that. When I turn him, there is another nurse, so technically, I would still not be lifting much.

My sister, who also has PKD and CMT, and has been on dialysis for over 2 years now, fell when getting out of bed the other day, and hit her head on the nightstand. She was worried, because of my having a subdural hematoma (mine was impressive; I only had a headache for a few days, and one instance of vomiting, but on MRI, it showed that my left ventricle was almost totally occluded and past midline, yet I was relatively asymptomatic). SDH has nothing directly to do with PKD; cerebral aneurysms are what is associated with PKD. However, kidney failure does cause the platelets to sometimes not work right, which, I theorized, may have led to my SDH. The only thing to do is to watch for symptoms. I doubt she’ll have problems, but time will tell.

Kelsea, our Springer Spaniel, is doing better. Her head is still cocked to the side (although not as much), but her balance is much better, and she’s eating and drinking well. 

My computer is 5 years old,  but it does everything I want it to, so I’m going to hold off on buying a new one. My in-laws got a really nice one; a HP with a 22 inch screen, and 3 gigs of memory; we’re probably getting Kevin a similar one for Christmas. But I have my RAM maxed at 2gb, which is fine for me. My hard drive sounds like it’s maybe trying to die, so I backed it up onto a removable drive, and I’ll be ordering a new drive this week. It’s getting harder to get drives that connect via EIDE, so my computer will soon be obsolete.

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