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Labs, Dog Problem

Yesterday, I had my labs done. Again, I drew them myself from my fistula, so I didn’t need multiple “sticks”.

My neutropenia is resolved, as my WBC is back up to 2.67 (last week, it was 1.2).  My hemoglobin is now rising (up to 9.9), and my creatinine is rock stable at 1.2. My glucose was up, but I had eaten breakfast before, and rushed to get to work right before drawing my labs. And my Prograf is within desired range of 8-10. I did update my labs on the Vital Signs and Labs page.

I did ask the nurse about my hemoglobin, and she said that it may take a couple of months for the transplanted kidney to “kick in” with erythropoietin production. Apparently, that’s beginning to happen now.

Our “middle” dog, Kelsea (12 year old English Springer Spaniel) had another episode of geriatric vestibular syndrome . She first had this back in April, and it eventually resolved with time, although her head remained slightly tilted to the side. Now, it’s tilted almost completely sideways. We got some Bonine last night, and at least it’s keeping her from vomiting. It doesn’t seem to be as bad this time (no vomiting so far), so I’m hoping it will resolve quickly.

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