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Tonight, we went to Kevin’s friend’s house to watch the local fireworks display, as well as Kevin’s and his friend’s fireworks.

They started lighting them off after the local display, and we then heard sirens. Eventually, a fire truck and ambulance flew by and stopped down the road near the football field.

Kevin’s friend (Dalton) and his family took off in their cars to see the accident, and their fears were soon realized; Dalton’s brother Derek, who is on leave from Walter Reed Hospital, was in a car accident right down the street from his parents’ house. The brother is in the Marine Corps, and was severely injured by a roadside bomb about 2(?) years ago. Derek lost a leg, almost died numerous times (mainly from septic shock), has had dozens of surgeries, and tonight, hit a tractor trailer with his vehicle (I think the tractor trailer was parked). 

He was taken by Life Flight to Geisinger (the regional trauma center), and ironically, the tow truck passed his family’s house afterwards. From the look of the vehicle, it doesn’t look good. The driver’s side was demolished (he was driving and was alone in the vehicle). We’ll know more tomorrow.

Kevin’s friend Dalton punched a stone wall when he found out, and I’m sure he has a fracture. I told him to get it looked at, but doubt that he will. And, Dalton’s older brother joined the Marines, and is going to Iraq at the end of the summer.

Update (Saturday morning): Derek is fine, and was released from the hospital. Thank god for airbags and seatbelts. Also, the wall won. Dalton went to the ED this morning, and is now sporting a cast on his right hand and arm.

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