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Prograf Level

My Prograf (FK-506) level is low once again, and I’m not sure why.

2 weeks ago, it was 5.1, so my dose was increased by 1 mg a day to 3mg and 3 mg (12 hours apart).  Last week, my level was 7.1, so they kept my dose the same. This week, it dropped again to 5.1 (so my dose is increased to 3 mg and 4 mg). The only difference is that when it was 5.1 both times, I had it drawn at the hospital, and it was run that day. Last week, when it was 7.1, it wasn’t run until the day after, because it was drawn at a “satellite” clinic, and wasn’t delivered to the hospital in time for it to be run that same day.

I doubt whether that would affect it, but maybe it would. Other than that, I can’t come up with any thing that would affect it; I didn’t miss any doses, I haven’t changed any of my other meds, etc.


  1. June 27, 2008 at 6:07 pm

    I’ve found that my Prograf level depends on several factors, including how close to the exact 12 hour mark when my blood is drawn. Another factor seems to be how much I’ve had to eat and drink in the hours before the test.

    They were pulling me back and forth from one dose to another. Finally I started keeping a tab on my “average” TAC level and use it when discussing things with my neph. I prefer to be on less Prograf (I’ve had some of the major side effects) and have been on a fairly stable dose for about three months.

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