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Transplant Day 46, Newsletter Article, Move, etc

It looks like I’ll be going back to work on June 30. It will be 8 weeks post op by then, and I’m more than ready to return to my routine. I’ll put off returning to my weekend job until August; don’t want to start out full bore right away. I had blood work today, and will probably get my results tomorrow.  My Prograf was low last week, so I’m anxious to see what it is. My hands are shaking more, so it’s probably at least close to therapuetic.

I read some sad and infuriating news about a blogger named Matt, who had a kidney transplant several years ago, has been off of work (FMLA leave) due to some major edema and rashes, and found out that he was fired from his job.  Not only did no one tell him he was fired, but they also cancelled his health insurance, which is how he found out about the firing. He seems to be taking it a lot better than I would, but the commenters on his post were of the same mindset as me; what his employer did sucked.

I’ve always said that I am very fortunate at my job. My supervisors and co-workers have bent over backwards for me through all of this, and I very much appreciate that.

I received an email with a link to a newsletter from the UK. The PKD Charity in the United Kingdom puts out a newsletter, and did a story about me when I was on dialysis (which seems so long ago, but was actually just 7 weeks ago). They actually took excerpts from my LiveJournal blog, and posted them in the newsletter.  The newsletter is well done, and addresses important issues such as pain control (a “hot topic” with PKD), PKD and pregnancy, a theory regarding water and PKD (Polycystic Kidney Disease),  and other articles.

The article gives a link to my LJ blog (it was written prior to my switch to WordPress), which is why I have been cross posting. However, I’m going to probably just do all of my kidney blogging on WordPress as well as my new blog at MyKidney. 

However, I’ll probably still post here on other things, and will definitely keep up with my friends page. 

The link to my other blogs:  Chronic Positivity at WordPress, and Jeff’s Transplant Blog at MyKidney

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