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Transplant Day 43

The actual surgery now seems like it was longer ago than it actually was, and dialysis is a distant memory. I think it’s due to feeling so much better, and pretty much being fully recovered from the surgery. I also tend to look forward more than I look back, so that could also explain it.

I really have to remember to continue checking my fistula for the “buzz” (layman’s term for what medical professionals call a “thrill”; there is a palpable  buzz that is felt due to the turbulence caused by the mixing of higher pressure arterial blood and lower pressure venous blood). I did check it yesterday, and it’s fine. I’m hoping to get it stented sometime in August, but haven’t brought that up in a few weeks. I do wonder if they will be able to do the fistulaplasty without dye, because the Transplant Surgeon says ABSOLUTELY NO DYE!!!

My appetite when on dialysis was horrendous; fortunately I could afford to lose weight (although it did affect my nutritional status adversely). I thought that once I got my transplant, my appetite would pick up. However, we went out to dinner Friday night, and I’m not eating much more than I did a few months ago. I’m not complaining, because I would like to get under 200 lbs (in addition to the weight I’ll lose once my native kidneys shrivel up and fade away).  I think my appetite might be due to the fact that I’m drinking so damn much water, that I’m not hungry.

I mentioned to my Nephrologist how amazed and happy I am that after being on BP meds for close to 20 years, I’m finally off of them. I thought after my Gastric Bypass Surgery that I would be off of them, but I wasn’t. I’m thinking now that the hypertension prior to that was weight related, and after that was kidney related. Now that I’m “fixed” from a kidney standpoint, I’m relatively normo-tensive.

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