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Transplant Day 34

I just got back from my appointments at Geisinger. I’m now tanked up with Venofer (Iron), and feel like I’m peeing needles after having a cystoscopy to remove my stent. When I had my transplant, they put a green rubber stent between the bladder and kidney, and today it was removed.  It was uncomfortable, but not terrible, but since it’s a potential source of infection, I’m glad to get it out. The Venofer was given via my fistula, so I only had 1 needle stick.

I definitely have to work on increasing my fluid intake this weekend, as it’s already triple H around here (hazy, hot, and humid). 

My weight is down, and my BP is down as well. It’s hitting the 50’s on the bottom, so I’ll have to watch that closely. 

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