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Transplant Day 33

 Another status quo day yesterday. Peeing well, pretty much pain free, I’m relatively active, and feel fine.

My weight is stable for the 4th day in a row, as is my BP and temp. Stools still loose, but tolerable. I did have the sensation of something in both eyes last night at bedtime, so I took an Allegra. Not sure what it was, but it’s resolved this morning.

My labs aren’t all back yet; the Prograf level will probably be run later this morning, so I have an email in to the transplant nurse to email me the results. I really like having this ability. It’s all done through a secure website, and I get a “tickler” email through my regular account telling me I have a message. I can also request, confirm, or cancel appointments, reorder prescriptions, view labs (although only after the doctor electronically signs off on them), request advice, check my immunizations, etc.

My other blog is doing well (as is the rest of the site). I’ve only done 2 posts so far (I’m working on a new one for tonight), but have had a decent amount of “hits”. As for my WordPress blog, I will probably hit 2000 views since starting it on April 17.

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