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Transplant Day 26

Not much to report since my last post, although I’m not sleeping well the past 2 nights. Who knows; med side effect?

My vital signs are essentially unchanged. My weight fluctuates, but averages around 210 lbs. As long as I don’t gain more than a pound or 2, I’m OK with that.

I did try to put jeans on, but couldn’t get them buttoned. My abdomen is a little swollen from the surgery, and the nurse told me that it will take several months for it to go down, not to mention the fact that you can see the kidney somewhat jutting out.  We’re going tonight to get a pair in a larger size, as well as some shorts for the summer, since most of mine don’t fit.

Yesterday when I got home from the doctors’ appointments, we went to lunch, and then I came home again and fell asleep for over 3 hours! Fortunately, I have the time to do that.

I’ve also found that my appetite hasn’t been the best. I ate breakfast after my labs, and had almost a whole piece of toast, some scrambled eggs (which I didn’t finish), and chocolate milk (not a huge fan of this, but I needed a cold drink to take my meds, and I needed the phosphorous; otherwise, I would have had a coffee).  I guess there’s a reason they tell us “small frequent meals” right after the transplant.

The one thing I’ve been doing is reading. A friend bought me some books, and I just finished the first: Consent To Kill by Vince Flynn. I now have a new favorite author! I have a bunch of unread history-type books, and although I enjoy history, it’s not near as exciting to read as a spy thriller such as this. When I was a kid, I used to read all of the time. In High School, my favorite author was James Michener. I’ve read Chesepeake, Texas, Centennial, Tales of the South Pacific, Hawaii, and possibly some others I don’t remember. I always said that if you get through the first 100 pages of any of his books, you’ll then get to the good part (he goes into a long drawn out history of the area from prehistoric times to the time the story starts).

  1. kandylini
    May 30, 2008 at 2:54 pm

    “I always said that if you get through the first 100 pages of any of his books, you’ll then get to the good part”

    So that’s the secret! I wish I had known that. But I think I’d rather read a spy thriller!

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