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Transplant Day 23

No irregular heart beats yesterday,  but I’m feeling run down, and my appetite isn’t the greatest. I did manage to get almost 3 liters of fluid in though. I think I’m catching up on my fluids, because my urine is lighter in color. I’m also at the point now that since I’ve been measuring my urine, I can accurately guess the amount within 50 ml.

My weight is up a pound from yesterday (normal variation?), my bp remains good, but I did have more fluids in than out (although not worrisome; may be insensible losses).

The arm pain is just about gone; I haven’t had pain meds for a few days. The edema in my legs is mostly resolved as well.

Something that is unusual is that every evening, I get cold. Not chills per se, but I’m just cold. We did go out for supper last night, and the restaurant was like a freezer. When I got home, I put a blanket on, even though the outside temp was about 70 degrees (F).

Although my Magnesium dose is 1 twice daily (decreased due to diarrhea), I try to get an extra one when possible; I managed to take three yesterday. 

I suspect that my fatigue is from the low hemoglobin.  Within a week it went from 10.5 to 9.7; maybe it’s even lower now. The surgeon said that he wasn’t worried about it just yet; it sometimes takes a while before the new kidney starts putting out adequate amounts of Erythropoietin.  As I mentioned in another post, I did message the Nephrologist to see if he wanted labs added on in regards to my iron level, because that’s traditionally low as well.

Happy Memorial Day everyone!


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