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Transplant Day 22, Irregular Heart Beat

Doing well this morning, but not so good late yesterday afternoon.

I was having occasional skipped heart beats, and not feeling all that great. When it skipped, I had a split second feeling that I was short of breath. My pulse was not high (92-96), but my BP was 152/66); no fever. I thought it might be a reaction to Prograf, since my level was so high this week. I called the Transplant Nurse on call, and she didn’t think it was the Prograf, but rather a reaction to caffeine. I did have 1 glass of Coke at supper, and a cup of coffee at breakfast, and didn’t feel that I had a lot of caffeine yesterday, but maybe it was.  She told me that if it persisted, to go to the ED. It did get better, and resolved within about 2 hours. Nothing today so far. It’s hard to sort out, as I’m on so many meds, and my labs are a bit screwy. I just thought now that maybe it’s my low hemoglobin or low magnesium? Who knows…

I’m down 3 lbs from yesterday, and my BP is lower as well; again, strong correlation between the 2.  No fever, and my ins and outs are ok. I have a hard time making it to drinking 3 liters per day, but I’ll have to keep trying.

  1. kandylini
    May 26, 2008 at 12:50 am

    It could be you’re low on mg. It doesn’t seem like you had that much caffeine, unless that’s more than you usually have.

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