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Searches That Pointed To My Blog

One of the things that WordPress offers is a “dashboard”. This is basically a control panel for the blog, and one of the features I really like is that of the Blog Stats. It not only tells you how many “hits” were on your blog for a given day, but it tells whether people were referred from a specific blog or link, and what search engine phrases led a person to your blog.

I decided to take some of these search engine phrases and give an explanation to each, so that if that person comes back, I can perhaps give a more clear explanation.

  • “mag- ox” empty stomach – Personally, I take mine with meals, to avoid stomach upset. I’ve seen directions that state to take with a full glass of water, and others to take with a meal to avoid stomach upset and diarrhea. It’s hard for me to say whether it is causing any problems for me, as I’m on several meds that can cause GI side effects. However, I’m taking a hefty dose – 800 mg twice daily, but that is a PRESCRIBED dose, due to the fact that my Magnesium level is low, due to one of my immunosuppressants.
  • gastric bypass + polycystic kidney disease – That’s me alright. For those who don’t know, I had gastric bypass surgery in January, 2002 and was 400 lbs. I’m now around 200 lbs (minus the extra fluid), so I feel that my surgery was a success. In relation to PKD, I would highly recommend it if it was recommended by a physician. The reason is that there is a “BMI cutoff” in order to be a candidate for transplant. This may vary from (transplant) surgeon to surgeon, but generally is 40. Extra weight puts more stress on the kidney, so they aren’t likely to “waste” a kidney on someone who may lose it earlier than expected due to weight. Also, my Nephrologist said that if I was still 400 lbs (or higher), efficient dialysis would be very difficult. A person on dialysis feels cruddy enough at a normal weight with effective dialysis; I can’t imagine how I would feel if the dialysis treatments were not that effective.
  • what can i take for heartburn after kidn – I assume this is “after kidney transplant”. Best to ask your doctor about this. I was prescribed Pepcid in the hospital, even though I didn’t have stomach problems. When I had my first follow up visit, I wasn’t having problems, so my surgeon took me off it. Within 2 days, I was having stomach upset, that progressively worsened each day. I ended up taking Prilosec (prescribed), and that is working great.
  • urinary catheter gastric bypass – I had one when I had the surgery, but it was removed within a day, because my physician didn’t want to take the chance of a urinary tract infection. However, this was mainly due to my PKD; if kidney cysts get infected, they are both difficult to diagnose, and difficult to treat. In some instances, they have to remove the kidney due to infection. I’m not sure what they do in patients without kidney disease, but my guess is that they don’t leave them in very long. As an aside, I had significant swelling of my body after gastric bypass. This resolves within a few days.
  • gastric bypass first post-op bowel movem – I really can’t remember when that occurred. I don’t think it was in the hospital, because I was just drinking liquids at that point.
  • side effects of dialysis +urine – my GUESS is that someone wanted to know what happens to urine production when on dialysis. When I started, I still had normal urine output; I just wasn’t filtering as well. Gradually, that decreased. They explain it as the kidneys getting “lazy” because dialysis does their work. With dialysis, it’s an educated guess as to how much fluid to take off. I would say that I was “drier” while on dialysis, so that’s why my urine output probably dropped. Also, when I had my transplant, my bladder capacity had diminished. Well, when you don’t use a body part, it shrinks. It’s getting better now, and I’m able to hold 200 more cc’s since surgery.
  • transplant kidney – Yes, I had one, and yes, I would HIGHLY recommend it! (if you need one)  For specifics, see my other enteries.
  • symptoms polycystic kidney disease back – a subject I have personally experienced. I used to have twinges of back pain almost daily, but nothing major. There for a while, I would have 3-4 episodes per year where I had a probably cyst rupture. This pain is excruciating, and it lasted varying lengths of time, but usually a day and a half. It is not diagnositic. If you have back pain (to the sides, not over the spine), and there is a family history of PKD, a Renal Ultrasound is used to diagnose this. Exception: an ultrasound may not clearly show cysts if the person is morbidly obese and the ultrasound is sub-optimal (as in the case of my first u/s). A CT scan may be ordered in this case.

That’s all for now. I hope this info is helpful to someone.

  1. kandylini
    May 22, 2008 at 11:43 am

    I like to check my Blog Stats to see how people find my blog, too, and am always surprised at the search terms used.

  2. May 22, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    Yes, it can be very interesting. That’s what I love so much about WordPress.

    I know LJ doesn’t offer this. Not sure if TypePad or any of the others do.

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