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Cruising Right Along….

Doing even better each day since being home after my transplant. No narcotics yet today for pain; it’s very manageable. We did go shopping last night, and I did a good amount of walking; maybe that helped?

I have to keep track of my bp, temp, input, output, and weight on a daily basis. Yesterday, I took in 3320 cc of fluid, and put out 2575. On the surface, that seems to be problematic, but during the night, I put out almost 1000 cc, so there is the difference. As I’m keeping daily records, it should balance out. My bp is good: 132/64 (goal is not to exceed 140/80). Wt is 219 lbs (99.5 kg). This is excellent, as my hospital weight was 103.1 kg (226.8 lbs). Temp 98.5.

I’ll spare the details, but the docs will be happy to hear on Monday that I had my first post op bowel movement. They were all concerned that I hadn’t had one prior to discharge, but since my gastric bypass, my bowel movements can be up to a week apart, and I had bad diarrhea prior to surgery, so I was probably “cleaned out”. And since I didn’t eat much until the past 2 days, I’m not surprised….

Jackie has been wonderful. She helps me with my shoes (it’s still hard to bend over), and is always asking me if I need anything. She is much more relaxed; she hasn’t slept this good in years. She attributes it to the “hidden stress” of waiting for the kidney, and now that stress is over.



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