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My Meds Post-Transplant


My meds include:

Prograf 3 mg twice daily (used to prevent my immune system from rejecting the kidney); the dose of this will be regulated by lab work, and will likely change.

Cellcept 500 mg twice daily (used to prevent my immune system from rejecting the kidney); this dose will stay constant unless I have a problem with my blood counts or infection.

Aspirin 81 mg daily (to prevent the new kidney from clotting off)

Diflucan 200 mg weekly x4 weeks (to prevent fungal mouth infection)

Dapsone 100 mg daily (to prevent Pneumocystis Carinii, an organism that causes a nasty pneumonia in those that are immunosuppressed; an opportunistic organism). They usually use Bactrim for this, but I’m allergic.

Valcyte 900 mg daily (my donor was positive for CMV and I was negative; this med prevents me from getting CMV, a viral infection that causes mild symptoms in most people, but could be damaging or life-threatening in the immunosuppressed).

Pepcid 20 mg daily (prevents stomach ulcers and heartburn; the stress of the surgery can cause increased stomach acid production, and at least one of the other meds irritates the stomach)

The reason for the frequent blood work is that Prograf is adjusted by it’s level in the body. Some of the others can also have an adverse effect on the blood count and kidney function, and there is the potential for some adjusting of the other doses as well. It’s a delicate balance, hence the need for close follow up, especially in the beginning. 

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