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I got home from the hospital this afternoon, and took a nice, long, power nap. 

My creatinine is 2.4 today my GFR (% of kidney function) is up to 28% (hasn’t been that high in probably 5 years), and my BUN is down to 35.

They pulled the central line in my neck this morning, and the worst part was cutting out the stitches; I didn’t even feel the actual line come out.

I was up 3 times during the night to pee, and continue to do so all day.

I have an appointment on Monday with lab work (I’ll be getting frequent labs from here on in), and then every Wednesday for the next month. I was told that everytime I have lab  work, I need my immunosuppressive levels checked. I also will see Urology in 4 weeks to have the stent removed in the ureter (via a cystoscope), and a Dermatology appointment in 3 months, since the risk of skin cancer is a lot higher in transplant recipients due to the immunosuppressants. 

I have to say that EVERYONE at Geisinger went out of their way to see that I had a successful transplant; the Surgeons, nurses, Nephrologists, Dialysis staff, etc. In addition, other employees went out of their way to see that my visit was pleasant, from the food service workers who set up my tray (“is there anything else I can do for you”?), to the housekeepers (“you have a good day now”), to the guy at the front door who helped me into the car. 

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Here’s a pic of my new pill box and the various pills I have to take. It looks worse than it is; most of these pills will only be taken the first several months. 


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