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Rollercoaster Ride-Number 7 The Charm?

The transplant rollercoaster made another stop. I just got a call with a PRIMARY offer for a kidney. The potential donor is a 16 year old in the Lehigh Valley area who was in a group home, and found unconscious with agonal respirations. He was apparently resuscitated, and is going to be an organ donor. This is my 7th transplant offer, but only my 3rd as the “primary”.

I just said to Jackie tonight “with my luck, I’ll get a call for a kidney tonight and won’t be able to get it since I have diarrhea”. Well, I was up front with the fact that I have had nausea and diarrhea since my Fistulaplasty on Wednesday, but since I have no other symptoms and no fever, the doctor was OK with this (could be a viral illness, but also could be a response to the dye?). The only other concern is that this boy was on Methadone for a history of IV drug use, but his “serologies” were negative (HIV, Hepatitis). Of course, there is always the possibility that he could be infected with one of these viruses and it wouldn’t be picked up, but that’s a chance that I have to take.

I have to go to the Emergency Department at 7am in the morning, and they’ll draw blood, and decide on how much dialysis I’ll need.

I’ll post when I hear anything else.

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