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Fistulaplasty, “Snow Storm”

As we used to say when I worked in a Psych Hospital about the acutely psychotic patients receiving heavy doses of meds, “there was a snowstorm in the room today” when I had my fistulaplasty. in other words, I received ample doses of meds today. Yes, I left there a walking polypharmacy. I had 4mg of Versed, 225 mcg of Fentanyl, 4 mg of Zofran (for vomiting, 5000 units of Heparin (not sure why I got that; doctor’s preference maybe?), Oxygen, and an unknown dose of Reglan, all IV of course (except for the oxygen).

This time, I wasn’t “with it” during the procedure. There were times when I was aware of what was going on (like when I had the dry heaves several times),and the doctor did have a challenge today (it’s the first he’s worked on my fistula). After multiple attempts at ballooning my fistula, he finally decided to end it after almost 2 hours, and is having me come back in 2 weeks.

He explained that my fistula is tortuous, with an area of stenosis followed by a large aneurysm.  He didn’t have the correct sized stent today, so they will order it in, and then place it in 2 weeks. He said that the only problem may be that by stenting it, it could reduce blood flow to my hand, and cause Steal Syndrome (a lack of adequate blood flow below the fistula; in my case, my hand and forearm). But that’s a chance I’ll have to take.

Afterwards, I was very nauseous, despite Zofran and Reglan. I did tolerate sips of ginger ale, and came home and
slept it off.  I’m still not very hungry, but I’m not nauseous, nor am I sedated.

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